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Leadership of the Bakhmut city council

Переглядів: 9380


Reva Oleksiy - Mayor of the Bakhmut City

    Mayor of the Bakhmut City

    Reva Oleksiy

    tel. +38(06274)4-01-63

    e-mail: artemrada.sekretary@gmail.com
cab No. 200

     Admission: ІІ and ІV Monday every month (from 10-00 to 14-00)

     The registration of citizens for a personal reception to the Mayor is carried out from 8.00 to 10.00 on the day of admission.

Secretary of the Bakhmut City Council
Kishchenko Svetlana
tel. +38(06274)4-02-46,
e-mail: svkischenko@artemrada.gov.ua
cab No. 215

Admission: Tuesday (from 10-00 to 14-00)

Main directions of activity:

  • Coordinates the work of the plenary commission.
  • Provides planning for the Bakhmut City Council work, training deputies, heads of permanent deputy committees of the city council, provides them with the necessary information;
  • Carry out organizational events for holding meetings, rallies, street marches and demonstrations and other massive socio-political events;
  • On the instructions of the mayor or, in the absence of the mayor, performs duties of the mayor on matters of work of the council.
First Mayor Deputy
Savchenko Tatyana
tel. +38(06274)4-01-62,
e-mail: savchenko@artemrada.gov.ua
cab No. 301

Admission: Wednesday (from 10-00 to 14-00)

Main directions of activity:

  • Issues of economy, industry, fuel and energy complex, budget, finance.
  • Responsible for realization on the territory of the city of financial, tax, trade and regional economic policy.
  • Supervises the development and implementation of the programs of socio-economic development of the Bakhmut city council, issues of foreign economic activity, development of enterprises for the production of consumer goods, investment activities.
  • Coordinates European integration and investment policy. Organizes the registration of subjects of foreign economic activity in the community.
  • Performs duties of the mayor on issues related to the activities of executive bodies of the city council in case of absence.


Deputy Mayor
Fyodorov Fedіr
tel. +38(06274)4-07-73,
e-mail: ayakc.fedor@gmail.com
cab No. 201

Admission: I, III, V Monday of the month (from 10-00 to 14-00)

Main directions of activity:

  • Admission time issues of development of territory, construction, housing and communal services, transport, energy, road economy.
  • Form and implement a regional strategy for the development of the Bakhmut city council, housing, communal and railways economy, energy, transport and communications.
  • Solves the issue of capital construction, financing and implementation of development processes, housing, communal and road economy reform.
  • Co-ordinates the solution of issues related to logistics of energy sectors (electricity and natural gas, water supply and drainage), transport, communications, capital construction, municipal and road economy.
  • Organizes the study of the needs of the city in the products of communal enterprises and services of transport, communications.

Deputy Mayor
Tochena Viktoriya
tel. +38(06274)4-01-68,
e-mail: victoria@bahmutrada.gov.ua
cab No. 212

Admission: Friday (from 10-00 to 14-00)

Main directions of activity:

  • Issues of the humanitarian and social spheres.
  • Develop forecasts for the development of a network of state and municipal institutions for education, culture and sports, health care and social protection of the population, based on the standards of population security, and coordinates the work of these institutions.
  • Organizes work on the provision of medical care and provision of medicinal products by the population, makes proposals for granting benefits related to maternity protection, childhood, and improving the living conditions of large families.

Managing Director of the Executive Committee of the Bakhmut City Council
Nedashkovskaya Tamara
e-mail: uprav@bahmutrada.gov.ua
cab No. 208.

Admission: Thursday (from 10-00 to 14-00)

Main directions of activity:

  •  Issues of organizational and personnel work, activity of the apparatus of the Bakhmut city council.
  • Organizes perspective and current planning of the work of the executive committee, provides control over its implementation.
  • Organizes draft decisions of the mayor, decisions of the executive committee of the city council, observing the requirements of the current legislation.
  • Organizes the work on accounting of the staff of the city council staff and its executive bodies, improving their qualifications, preparing, retraining and forming a personnel reserve, monitoring compliance with the law on civil service and service in local self-government bodies, legal training of employees of the city council staff and managers executive bodies of the city council.
  • Supervises compliance with labor law, service in local government bodies in the activities of departments and departments of the city council.